Guardani Case Study

Our conversion rate increased from 5.48% to 11.76%, due to our strategic application of neuromarketing principles. The sales increased from $4232 to $11816.

Introduction to the brand

Guardani is a women empowerment and fitness brand dedicated to empowering women of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals. Guardani offers a range of high-quality fitness apparel and accessories.

The Challenge

Despite having a strong product offering and competitive pricing, Guardani observed a significant decline in sales and conversion rates.

The Solution

Upon investigation, we identified the root cause of this issue to be the quality of product images and A+ content. Through our neuromarketing strategies developed by our marketing specialists. We did deep analysis of customer behavior and decision-making processes to identify key pain points and emotional triggers that influence customer behavior. We then utilized this information to design graphics that resonated with our target audience and addressed their specific needs and desires. Product images are crucial in capturing the attention of potential customers and providing them with an accurate representation of products.

Our conversion rate increased from 5.48% to 11.76%, a remarkable improvement that we attribute to our strategic application of neuromarketing principles. Total sales increased from $4232 to $11816.

The Impact

  • Average order value increased by 200%.
  • ROAS of 9-to-1, higher than Amazon’s average.
  • Guardani is now a significant player in the fitness category on Amazon, thanks to Gigabrain’s efforts.
  • Guardani plans to invest over 1 million dollars to increase production in 2023 to meet the growing demand

How We Did It!

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