Guardani Case Study

A Comprehensive Strategy Resulted in Ads Achieving a Monthly Sales Increase of Over $13,705 and Reducing ACOS to 23.32%

Introduction to the brand

Guardani is a women empowerment and fitness brand dedicated to empowering women of all ages and fitness levels to achieve their goals. Guardani offers a range of high-quality fitness apparel and accessories.

The Challenge

Sales of the brand fluctuated and ACOS started to climb to unsustainable levels.

The Solution

Our team assisted Guardani in launching a comprehensive PPC campaign by targeting all the relevant keywords associated with their products. Starting with five campaigns, we successfully scaled up to over 20 campaigns across Guardani’s product range. We conducted a meticulous analysis to identify the top converting search terms and keywords utilized by Guardani’s leading competitors, which we used to create a list of targeted keywords. Additionally, we provided guidance to Guardani to improve their product listing for optimal performance in automatic campaigns. To boost the brand’s visibility, we implemented product targeting ads, targeting Guardani’s competing ASINs. Throughout the process, we experimented with different match types for each keyword to determine the most effective approach. We analyzed search term reports to identify areas for campaign optimization and provided continuous support to help Guardani achieve their PPC objectives. Our success in driving sales velocity, generating reviews and decreasing our BSR through IM has yielded significant improvements in organic rankings, which has further improved our advertising performance. This success has also led to a decrease in ACOS and increased ads ranking.

Upon launching Guardani’s initial campaigns, the brand’s overall ACOS stood at 80%. Within a span of just over two months, our team successfully reduced this metric to 50%, while simultaneously generating more than $13,705 in PPC sales for the first set of campaigns that we had initiated. This improved performance prompted Guardani to request our assistance in developing additional campaigns while optimizing the existing ones. Our efforts culminated in limiting ACOS to nearly 24%, while driving a substantial increase in the brand’s overall PPC revenue on Amazon, exceeding $25,000 from the date of our engagement. done on a completed house, it’s best done during construction. A professional electrician from Windfall will mean the difference in achieving your goals in cost-efficient and timely way. The electrician will protect the existing system a touch of glamour to the new system. Also, remodeling will ensure the safety, and efficiency of the entire household.

The Impact

  •   Average order value increased by 200%.
  •   The BSR experienced a significant improvement.
  •   PPC performance significantly enhanced.
  •   ACOS reduced. from 82% to 54%.
  •   Guardani is now a significant player in the fitness category on Amazon, thanks to Gigabrain’s efforts.
  •   Guardani plans to invest over 1 million dollars to increase production in 2023 to meet growing demand.

How We Did It!

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